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Newgrounds UK Meet

Posted by mike - January 28th, 2009

What an amazing time!

The London meet easily took the Newgrounds community to the next level. There were NG users as far as I could see in every direction. Seriously, just look at everyone! It was totally humbling and inspiring to be surrounded by so many awesome people.

It was my first time out of the US, so I did manage to do a bunch of touristy stuff. What really blew me away about London was the architecture. There are tons of ridiculously old buildings, and you really don't see that in the States. The best part is the contrast between these ancient structures and the funny looking modern buildings, like "The Leaning Tower of Pizzas" and this very phallic tower.

Some brief highlights:

- Watching the Eagles game with Bob, Tim, Poozy, and Swain
- Weebl's surprise appearance
- Tom breakdancing
- Apologies to Kirk-Cocaine, whose pint I lost, and Evildog, who was the target of my unbridled rage :)
- A rapping hobo
- Shalashaska, the skeletal gimp

Check out Luis's page for some nice memories. It really was a pleasure to meet all of you, and I hope we can meet again sometime!


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oh snap

It sounds cool. I hope one day I'll be able to go to one of these meets.


This is really good to know mind asking tom where he got his break dance lessons?

Great to see you again mike, hope to see you in San Diego this summer


Well, I'm glad to hear it all went well over there.

I love you Mikey.

First time out of the US? I think we'll have to break that mould again, particularly if you make it over to Amsterdam (not convinced I'm going to go yet, but we'll see.)

Apologies for repeatedly calling you "Mikey." In my defense, I'd had a few to drink before I even caught up with you guys.

One day, I'll go to one of these meets. I'll just have to save up money to do so.

Sounded like it was fun...

I wish I coulda come. Darn, apparently I missed a lot.

You were the first person I noticed.

But also, I see the letters 'eum'. As in 'museum'. That sounds kinda lame, so please explain.

Teen Pregnancy

yeah them are quite interesting buldings
the third one looks a bit like a bullet to me

I'm still cut up about losing that pint. I had such grand plans for it.

i guess god had plans of his own :o

Sounds like a nice visit

Seriously you guys need to stop showing off your just making people like me desperete

hey you forgot about the pictures i took of you!
haha good times

it was cool to meet you mike


By the way do you mind being photo shopped?

there is nothing i love more than being photoshopped!

oh and btw the link to luis's site is broken

It was great meeting you. Glad you had fun outside of the US and hope our horrific weather didn't put you off coming back someday. :)

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