Doom for Charity!

2009-05-07 23:57:13 by mike

Not too long ago, my Flash port of Doom was nominated for the FHM's 2009 Web Game Awards. With the help of you awesome NG users, it managed to win the contest, including a £3000 cash prize!

It's cool that the game won, but I wasn't crazy about taking the cash prize. The folks at id Software are the ones who created this incredible game -- all I did was recompile it into Flash. That's nothing compared to creating original and great Flash games like Robokill and Portal!

So I've decided to donate the prize to a good cause. I've donated half of the winnings to the Canary Foundation. The Canary Foundation is dedicated to finding simple tests for detecting cancer early, when it's most treatable. You can read a good article on The Canary Foundation over at Wired.

I've donated the other half of the winnings to the Free Software Foundation. id Software has always been a supporter of free software and is kind enough to publicly release the source code to its old games. This lets hackers like me tinker and learn! It seems only fitting to give back to the free software movement. :)

To go along with this blog post, I was planning to update Flash Doom with some bugfixes. Well, I got a little carried away -- because I added support for Heretic and Hexen by Raven Software! Instead of flooding the Portal with conversions, I've packaged them all into the Doom Triple Pack! I did add mouse control, but Flash isn't very good at it, so unfortunately you have to click and drag. All three games have medals to collect. Enjoy!

Doom for Charity!


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2009-05-08 00:17:48

That's splendid. I find it funny how such a violent game ends up saving lives.


2009-05-08 00:24:07

Incredible! Good on ya!


2009-05-08 00:26:27



2009-05-08 00:33:54


please :]


2009-05-08 00:48:01



2009-05-08 01:33:54

That's really cool man. I have a lot of respect both you for donating the money, and the foundations you donated to. Both are noble in their own right. Keep up the good work.


2009-05-08 01:39:33

Awesome has never been so AWESOME! I can believe it those are some of my childhood 1stPSs Ur the man dude! MAN!


Also thaats cool of u to donate ur money like u did. :)


2009-05-08 01:50:04

The medals are broken. :)


2009-05-08 01:52:34

just amazing...
congrats for winner
you have a good heart for giving the prize away... =D, to 2 very good causes
and medals... thanx you so much.. =D


2009-05-08 05:58:00

Congrats on winning Mike, you should have given the money to 3D Realms though!


2009-05-08 08:58:32

Way to go man


2009-05-08 12:37:18

Beat the game on doom is still broken. :)

mike responds:

sorry, should be working now!


2009-05-08 13:01:37

What a stud. I dunno if I could just let go of 3k like that especially since it wasn't in American dollars! Very admirable, sir.


2009-05-08 15:41:54

Going through the red door in the chapel at the end of Hexen just brings you to the title screen. If that's the end of the demo then there's no medal rewarded. (I only tried on cleric) Not trying to be a pest, just letting you know the bugs. :)


2009-05-08 16:26:35

Awesome news! Yay for violence.
How the hell do you have over 4000 medal points?
oo that's right, you're a programmer. You can do whatever the heck you like.
All play and no work make NG a fun place.


2009-05-08 16:56:39

You are an alright guy, Mike. I don't care what they say about you.


2009-05-08 20:27:39

Awesome very good work my man do you think you will have full versions or are they too big?


2009-05-08 23:57:06

Newgrounds Anti-Christ.


2009-05-09 00:57:58

Dude, for your next project, do Descent 1!! One of my fave games ever, and I think it's open source now.


2009-05-09 00:58:33

You're an inspiration to us all!... wait ,what am I saying?! You threw away 3000 pounds? ARE YOU INSANE?!?
But really, you SO deserved that win. Flash Doom is awesome, even more so now that you incorporated Hexen and the other one... whatever.


2009-05-09 01:12:06

i just played it and i have got to say great job man you Brought happy ness to me once agin with the Classics


2009-05-09 03:53:17

How benevolent of you. :/
I'll be blasting my way through that new bundle of games shortly, having the games in flash makes them pretty OS-independant as well, the originals all need addons to work right on newer platforms.


2009-05-09 10:14:41

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW MIKE. I'm sure Stallman loves you too.


2009-05-09 10:58:53

The mouse control is dodgy but pretty neat.

Congrats on winning and I really loved the triple pack, very nice job, good choice with donating the money you're a good man!


2009-05-09 18:20:35

you should make a pico fps


2009-05-09 19:19:07

You are cool men except because is dam hard win portal defenders with you


2009-05-09 21:25:28

Great job!

And with the save function working I can FINALLY beat Doom. I beat Hexen because it's quick, but Doom always took me more than one sitting, and without a save feature, I was very mad.





2009-05-10 04:37:04

If ID software is about open source, then why do they still care about making money on their 'old' games?

Its not open source when they push you to buy their old dinosaur (yet fun) games....Free software is about freedom, check out the GNU public license and all those goodies. Those games are not covered and fall under the catagory "Shareware" or "Freeware" because they STILL require you to pay...

Good you gave money to the people in need, and the open source peeps.

(Updated ) mike responds:

I think this is a pretty unforgiving viewpoint. First off, the Doom source IS released under the GNU Public License. The software itself is now totally free -- only the game assets (art, levels, etc.) are copyright. At the same time, id has every right to make a living from their work and to protect their franchises (hell, there is an official iPhone Doom coming soon!)

id is one of the few companies that actively supports the Linux community and releases the source to their old engines. These engines have probably helped countless people and spawned tons of open source projects!


2009-05-11 16:36:07

Nice,but why don't you make more flash games? You're a very good programmer,so it doesn't seem like you're struggling with anything.


2009-05-11 17:36:21

You're a good man, Mike! Keep up the good work.



2009-05-11 18:25:18

That shit was tight, yo!


2009-05-13 11:34:16

Yo Mike, I'm left-handed and I can't effectively use the arrow keys to play this game, any chance of providing an option for key bindings or at least an alternate setup for us left-handed people out there?

Great stuff otherwise.




2009-05-13 11:34:48

non-arrow keys*


2009-05-13 11:45:03

heh, nvm, found the key binding menu, was looking inside the game option menus instead of the game selection screen. duh.


2009-05-13 18:47:31



2009-05-13 18:56:53

Holy shit your medals!! D:


2009-05-14 01:17:35

I still really hope you try and update the controls on these games. I seriously would LOVE to play them if they had better control schemes.


2009-05-14 08:16:13

do you think it would be possible to port arkania blade of destiny?

because it doesnt work on xp =(


2009-05-14 08:36:00

XionGlydus: I found out that the game menus didn't have options for changing controls, but Mike added the option on the game selection menu that affects all three games.

Great idea since the games are so similar, but a bit confusing since now there's two levels of game options that some people might miss at first glance :p


2009-05-14 17:45:56


you're good people! keep being awesome! :)


2009-05-16 08:35:35

So I hear you're a wizard.


2009-05-16 10:30:40

Aww man... you should have given me enough to get flash. :(


2009-05-17 09:15:45

Allam, thanks for the reply but I'm not 100% sure you understand what I'm getting at. Most people who've played Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen will all know how frustrating the controls are without a mouse look option. This is not present in the game and Mike has stated that he is having trouble (or at least I'm very sure) making the mouse have full functionality for looking, without the hassle of dragging across the screen.

Felt I should just elaborate a bit for you.

: )

mike responds:

Yes, unfortunately there is no way to implement the traditional FPS mouse-look functionality in Flash. The dragging is really the best that you can do. Bummer!


2009-05-18 03:48:28

You should try to get the Commander keen source and recompile that. I've loved those games and they would do great in a flash environment.


2009-05-19 02:42:26

Love the triple pack! It's really cool of you to donate your earnings to good causes! Cheers ;)


2009-05-19 09:38:49

You've been Cock-Blocked by digg. Your game is up there, but it's on a different site, not Newgrounds.


2009-05-19 11:27:25

Nice work man, very thoughtful of you. Also humbling of how you view your works to others.

Oh ya, some douche on Digg is trying to get visits to his site with your game. Fellow NG-ers are there to help in comments to steer them to the true creator.


2009-05-25 20:12:04

Nice work...


2009-05-25 23:55:28

I have a question about your game pack, it may be a stupid one, but.

On Doom, when you try to go to the other two episodes, it says "This is a shareware version, get the full version to play this." Can you buy it in flash? or is that saying buy the game itself?


2009-05-26 22:38:00

An admirable action my good sir