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What a game.

What an astounding game! A unique concept and creative programming make this game a joy to play. The different puke mechanics were all add interesting twists, and the levels were all a blast to play.

My only criticism: the framerate simply gets too low. It's hard to appreciate the spewing when the game starts to run at a snail's pace. I'm not sure if the physics are the bottleneck, or if it's the metaballs, but spending some time trying to oil it up could go a long way. Maybe you could lower the quality of the metaballs. If the rendering is the bottleneck, you could even try decoupling the game logic from the framerate and ticking multiple game updates in one frame if necessary. You could also try downloading Flex Builder and running the game through the profiler -- it could be insightful!

Overall, just a fantastic game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it picked up as an downloadable title on consoles!

Red-Haired Mystery Man Loves This Game

i don't deserve to be a character in such an awesome game! truly polished and inspiring work. a tear comes to my eye each time i watch the credits!

i do think a Continue option is a good idea, just because many people will not see the entirety of this great game otherwise. you could still make the achievements require no continues for the hardcore players!



The only negatives: There are some slight bugs that can make you walk in wonky directions. Also, it suffers a little bit from "hunt around for 20 minutes with the mouse for the miniscule dot that is actually an important item that you need," which is just bad adventure gaming.

very slick

Very professional feeling, nice use of Flash8 filters. My only complaint is that using SHIFT or CONTROL to click/mark a bunch of squares results in some pretty bad slowdown on the bigger grids -- at least on my fairly outdated PC.


Dan Paladin, you are totally awesome, your art style never ceases to amaze
A simple yet fabulous game that fits in a banner
Spread the peace.

much, much <3

wonderful programming

excellent programming, my friend, which is a rarity on Newgrounds. i especially enjoyed the use of the drawing API for the dynamic shadows and motion blur. great work!

am I the only one who felt sorry for the poor guy? i think he needs some more love items.

Pretty Cool

Nice start. Add some more gameplay elements, imrpove your graphics, fix the spelling errors, and you would have a really cool game.

Do Something Original

Nothing good, just a bunch of pics I've seen 100 times before. You seem to be good at Flash; why not create something original?

This is one of the best yet!

This Flash work should be an example to others of what makes a great Flash animation. The artwork and animation are superb, (Just look at Pedro shuffle the cards.) and I just love the style of art that The Romp has! The only bad thing was that the movie was so graphic intensive, that it was kind of slow, even in low quality. (Probably just my 300MHz processor, but oh well.) When the screen fades to black, the top and bottom portions of the screen are missed, and it looks pretty bad.

The sound was overall used very well, although I thought there could have been some sounds added in places. The gypsy's voice was kind of hard to understand at times, also. But that's just about all the complaints I have here.

The choose-a-card part at the end was a great touch. This is one of the best Flash works out there, and The Romp produces hilarious and great looking movies! Be sure to check it out!

Nice art! Funny!

The artwork and animation is masterful, and the style of the art is great! As usual, the Romp throws together a great movie with stunning art that is hilarious! Great use of sound, also! Perhaps some music would have added a nice touch, though, especially in the game at the end.

Speaking of the game, it is great! Even though it's just a small game, it features some neat effects. The bullet holes on the wall were great, and the way the gun follows the cursor is awesome! Adding Heston's voice in between shots was great, though there were only like 3 voices.

Great work as usual from The Romp!


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